We’re back! (And a reminder – be grateful for good health when you have it)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated our blog, and here is why. Dave and I felt at the top of our game when we embarked on the one-month Secret Coast Expedition last June. And right from our first days, hiking down the wildly beautiful coastline along the Tatchu Peninsula, we talked about how grateful we were to be strong enough and fit enough to be out here (and enjoying it). This is a part of the world that many people just physically would not be able to get to.

LSQDSC_5310Well, little over a month after we returned, things had completely reversed for both of us! By late August, I was working a contract as naturalist/guide on a ship up in the Arctic when, for no apparent reason, a hernia that I had had operated on two and a half years ago reactivated. The very same day that that happened, back at home, Dave was unexpectedly admitted to hospital for irregular heart rhythms.

So, long story short, it has been a challenging two months for us. I had to be evacuated from the ship, and Dave has been undergoing all sorts of tests to figure out what is going on. (His arteries are 100% clear, as they should be for how healthy we live: eating well and exercising regularly). I had my surgery at the beginning of October and am recovering well. Dave is still awaiting some tests – it looks like his heart issues are LsqDSC_8238related to damage by some sort of virus – but he is doing generally OK.

So we are back on board and beginning to get back to a somewhat regular routine. And I will be posting here somewhat regularly again now. But a reminder to y’all out there: Live well and stay healthy! Take good care, both of your body and your mind! And be grateful for your good health when you have it – because sometimes bad luck just strikes you anyway.

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