The Team

We are Jacqueline Windh and David Gilbert – athletes and adventurers who live on Vancouver Island, off Canada’s west coast.

We’re a husband and wife team, veterans of numerous rugged expeditions together: on foot through the Himalayas, the Andes, the Kalahari Desert and the Caribbean, as well as by kayak on the wild waters off Vancouver Island’s west coast. We’re also endurance athletes, and we have run numerous ultramarathons together – foot races with distances ranging from 50 km to over 200 km – and we work great together as a team.

We each bring our own unique skill-set and responsibilities to this venture.

Jacqueline is the expedition leader and coordinator. She is a PhD scientist as well as an accomplished photojournalist, and she will be in charge of The Secret Coast media and outreach programs. Find out more about Jacqueline Windh.

David is The Secret Coast’s logistics coordinator, as well as our safety officer and first aid officer. He will also function as  the expedition’s strongman and official heavy gear packhorse. Find out more about David Gilbert.

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