The Innchanter – floating B&B at Hot Springs Cove – is sponsoring us!

LShaunBoat2234We are very pleased to announce that the Innchanter has signed on as a sponsor to the Secret Coast Expedition 2019!

The Innchanter is a floating B&B that is anchored up at Hot Springs Cove, around 50 km north of Tofino. It will serve as a staging point as we paddle down the coast, on the final leg of our expedition – a chance for us to re-supply for the remainder of the paddling trip and to get a meal on the way!

Hot Springs Cove, and the actual springs, within Maquinna Marine Park, are geological miracles – even to me, a geologist! Innchanter logoThe springs are completely natural – a steaming water source bubbling out of a fracture in the rock, cascading through a series of pools along the tideline. With the mixing of the hot water and the cold saltwater, there is always one pool that is the perfect temperature, no matter what the tide level is. (Our tide height can vary by as much as 4 m over 6 hours).


Many tourists who visit Tofino only find out about the Innchanter too late – once they have already arrived in town and have their accommodation already booked. They end up going up to Hot Springs Cove on a day trip – which is great, it is always a spectacular place to go – but the pools are natural and therefore tiny. One of my first recommendations to anyone planning a visit to Tofino is to plan for at least one night on the Innchanter – so you have a chance to walk the rainforest trail to the springs in silence, after the day-trippers have disappeared: for a sunset dip or, even better, hitting the springs at midnight on the full moon.


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