Sometimes life gets in the way

We had planned to do the Secret Coast expedition in June of 2018… but sometimes life gets in the way.

LsqIMG_2109A bunch of stuff has come up – ranging from a knee injury on my end, and an old dog that we just don’t feel good about leaving alone for so long (she’s been a really good dog… we can’t NOT be around if something happens!) and a few other personal things, it’s just not going to happen this year.

But  we are absolutely not giving up on the expedition. We are committed to it on every level – from the physical expedition, to also the historical and cultural exploration – and still super-excited about it. So we will relaunch for summer 2019 – most likely even adding more to it: more scope, more history, more exploration, possibly even extending the route to include a kayaking section!

So stay tuned, we are delayed but we are not set back!

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