Our website is up and live!

4.0.1Welcome to the new website for The Secret Coast 2018 – a 24-day expedition along the outer coast of northern Vancouver Island. We aim to be the first people to hike the three coastal routes: the Tatchu Peninsula, Nootka Island, and the Hesquiaht Peninsula, as a single non-stop journey.

Please explore our website to learn more – Jacqueline has been working hard (even as she is en route to another expedition, in a similar landscape but at the other end of the globe, the Pacific shores of southernmost Patagonia) to post the information about this journey:

  • where we are going
  • who we are
  • what our intentions are

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or leave a comment below. (Please note, though, that due to Jacqueline’s travel in remote regions of Patagonia through February, it may take us a few weeks to respond – be patient!). In the meantime, please explore the site – there is a ton of information here!

Hmm… seem to be having a problem enabling Comments on this first post. If you aren’t able to post your comment here, go to our Contact page or @ us on Twitter!

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