Risk Mitigation and Safety

David will be in charge of expedition safety and emergency planning, and will assemble and carry our emergency medical supplies.

Most of our route is over irregular and rugged outcrops and slippery rock shelves rather than on trails. The most likely emergency situation we would encounter would be a fall. (We will not be climbing using ropes). Our worst-case scenario would be a wound or fracture requiring evacuation. It is unlikely that we would face any situation that is life-threatening.

We will be out of cell phone range for the entire trip. We will encounter inhabitants who can make contact on our behalf in four locations on the southern half of the route (Friendly Cove, Estevan Lighthouse, Ignace family at Hesquiaht, Cougar Annie’s Garden).

We will leave a detailed route plan with the staff at Air Nootka, who will ensure that we arrive at designated points at Port Eliza (~Day 6) and Friendly Cove (~Day 13) and Estevan Lighthouse (~Day 19), and who can initiate a search if required.

We will carry two marine VHF radios with us. One will be used for listening to weather information etc., but one will be reserved to be turned on ONLY in the event of an emergency. With these radios, we will be able to contact passing boats and lighthouses to relay messages if necessary.

We believe that this emergency plan is adequate, and we do not intend to carry satellite phones or other emergency contact systems.

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